Term to Term Transition

Action Required! Prepare for the new term ⬇️

The new semester's autorostered courses are available for -

Teachers starting December 5th (one month early) and will go live to Students on January 5th.

Click an option below to open the corresponding instructions.


Will I lose everything in my current course at semester once rosters change?

No, nothing will be lost or deleted.

  • Autorostered courses are course shells with the next term's student ENROLLMENTS, so you as the teacher control the CONTENT. New semester courses will be added to your Course Dashboard and will not delete or overide your existing course content in your current course.

  • All content becomes Read Only in your current course once we reach the end of that term. The course is will remain viewable by students and staff after the term ends through Courses > All Courses > Past Enrollments.

Can I build a cumulative course of content even if my course is rostered as two separate semesters?

Yes, it is recommended that staff build one cumulative course as opposed to keeping content broken up by semester.

  • To build a cumulative course of content and not lose editing access to the first half once it becomes read-only, the above linked instructions guide teachers to import ALL content from their current semester 1 course into their new semester 2 course where they will continue to build content.

  • This allows teachers to unpublish outdated content and republish relevant content so that all students have content accessible in the same course.

Why did my current courses disappear off of my Dashboard once the new term courses populated?

When the new courses for S2 populated in Canvas, they likely pushed any courses that had not been “starred” or favorited off of your Dashboard. You can add these courses back to your Dashboard by clicking Courses → All Courses and starring the ones you want to see. Here’s a quick video to walk you through the process: https://youtu.be/D2P1zWxcNr0?t=18

Key Understandings