Editing Course Template + Course Card

Thank you for keeping the course homepage in the uniform district format by updating the existing page template. This component of the Canvas Requirements ensures a consistent experience for students and families. Steps to customize the teacher template are below.

#1: UPDATE course name

Course name should include subject and grade level, when applicable.

Staff instructions:

#2: IMPORT instructor photo

Displaying a photo of the course instructor helps form a stronger connection with students (and parents).

Staff instructions:

#3: UPDATE instructor name + contact info

Staff instructions:

#4: ADD resources to General Resources module

Staff instructions:

This button already links to the General Resources Module which is currently blank but published.

Add at least 1 course-specific resource to this module.

This is one of four buttons that is part of the NISD template that should not be replaced. If you would like to add additional buttons to the template as part of same design, you can get a copy of the button's Canva template in the Style Guides for Course Templates.

Note: The Student Portal and Gradebook button links do not need to be updated, as the template already links them to NISD Portal and Home Access Center, respectively.

#4: UPDATE course card

This is an optional step to customize how your course appears on the Canvas dashboard for enrolled teachers and students.

Staff instructions:

Options include: leave the default maroon NISD logo, upload a new photo of your choice, or create a Canva custom image using this template.

Need additional support? Contact your Instructional Technologist!