Module Restriction Settings

Instructors can restrict course content using Module Settings: Lock Date, Prerequisites, & Requirements

Module Lock Date

You can set modules to be locked until a given date. Students will be able to see the module titles and module item names, but they will not be able to access the module items until after the lock date has passed.

Note: For students to view a module after a lock until date, the module must be published in your course.

Example of Module Lock Date

Note: Lock date appears at the bottom of a locked module

Module Prerequisite

When you set a module prerequisite, the module is locked until a student completes the required items. However, unless completion requirements are set for prior modules, students will still be able to access upcoming modules.

When selecting a prerequisite module, you can only choose from previous modules. You may need to reorder modules to correct prerequisite availability.

Note: You can only add prerequisites if you have added at least one module.

Example of Module Prerequisite: Complete Previous Module

Note: Prerequisites appear in the header of a module

Module Requirements

When you add requirements to a module, students must complete the defined requirements within the module before the module will be marked complete. You can require students to complete all requirements in the module, or have them choose one item to fulfill a specific requirement.

Note: You cannot add requirements until you have added module items: you can add content items such as assignment types, pages, and files.

Example of Module Requirements

Note: A module with requirements will display "Complete All Items" in the header of the module

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