Campus Admin and District Admin Role

Canvas courses are not open for guest access which means a user must be enrolled in the course to view it's contents.

For Campus Admin (Principals and APs) and District Admin (Coordinators and Coaches), this role allow you to have elevated access to monitor courses within your assigned subaccount to best support the teaching and learning that are happening in those spaces.

See this guide for an overview of your Admin role's access.

The Admin button, found in the left navigation, button is where you will find the subacounts where you have been added as a Campus Admin or District Admin.

Access a particular subaccount to search for existing course content or to develop a new course within that selected subaccount.

C&I District Admin role - Coordinator Meeting 5-16-22

Take a look at the video below to see the Campus District Admin role in action.

This screencast showcases how to look up a particular student and the courses that they are enrolled in, as well as how to use the "Act As" permissions to be able to see the Canvas course and Dashboard exactly as the student does.

Canvas Admin - Viewing and Acting As Users.mp4

District Admin Only:

HOW TO: Create a Canvas Course - One Pager for Canvas District Admins

Both Campus Admin and District Admin have the ability to create courses in their assigned subaccount. Use this resource for assistance with course creation.

Pro tip: The associated template will automatically be added to a newly created course based on the selected subaccount. So, a course will inherit the PD course template if a new courses is created within the PD subaccount.

Please note: Courses should NOT be manually created when there is an autorostered equivalent that is automatically created based on eSchool enrollments. Thus, you likely should not be creating a course within the Schools subaccount unless it is for a campus club or supplemental review course.

Still have questions? Contact your Instructional Technologist for support!