Activity Type Comparison

Canvas has many different types of activities available, depending on the type of desired student engagement, grading options, and group submissions.

Activity type based on STUDENT ENGAGEMENT

Activity type based on GRADING OPTIONS

Assignments, Discussions, & Quizzes (and some external tools) can be submitted for a grade

Assignment Grade Options

Discussion Grade Setting

Quiz Grade Options


Note: Rubrics in Quizzes are not interactive; instructors can add a rubric to provide expectations for students, but the actual grading is determined by the points assigned in each quiz question


Note: Rubrics can only be used for grading assignments and graded discussions

Activity type based on GROUP SUBMISSION

Assignments and Discussions can be submitted as a group

Assignment: Group Submission

Discussion: Group Submission

Students can be added to groups via: manually by the instructor, auto-populated by Canvas based on instructor parameters, or student self sign-up

Group Creation Settings

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