Oral Audio Accommodations

Option 1: Immersive Reader

Option 2: Chromebook Built In: Select-to-Speak

Using Select-to-Speak in Canvas Quizzes.mp4

Select-to-Speak is a built-in accessibility feature included on Chromebooks. This empowers students to support their accommodation of needing oral admin accommodations and allows them to use this functionality as needed without being dependent on a pre-made voice recording.

View this video which showcases how students enable Select-to-Speak and how it can be used on a Canvas Quiz.

Option 3: Embedded Voice Recordings with Mote

NISD students and staff have premium access to Mote which allows users to record and embed their own audio. This is a great option for including teacher voice:

  • on a Canvas Page to supplement instructions

  • in Canvas quizzes if a teacher wants to record their own voice for each question

  • in Canvas Speedgrader to add spoken feedback as opposed to text feedback

  • across the Google ecosystem including within Docs, Slides, Sheets, Sites, etc.

Teachers, install the Mote extension here; bonus, students Chromebooks have this app automatically pushed to their device!

Still have questions? Contact your Instructional Technologist for support!