New Quizzes vs Classic Quizzes

Why are there two types of quizzes?

Having two types of quizzes to choose from is understandably confusing. Ideally, there would be only one type of quiz in Canvas. We are joining Canvas in the midst of the their transition to switch from Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes, so both types are currently available.

Eventually, New Quizzes will replace Classic Quizzes, which will create a simpler experience. As of April 2022, this is scheduled to occur June 2024. Any changes to this date can be viewed in the Classic Quiz Sunset Timelineđź”—.

What is the difference between New & Classic Quizzes?

In general, The New Quizzes tool offers new features and question types, but is currently missing some features from the Classic Quizzes tool which many instructors use for assessment. You can’t mix and match questions from Question Banks and Item Banks, so the two types of quizzes and banks do have to stay separate.

A feature comparison is available below, from NISD's Canvas 101 Courseđź”—.

Which quiz type should teachers use?

It is difficult to say “ignore this quiz type and only use that quiz type” since each has different pros and cons, as seen in the above table. Ultimately, each instructor decides which type will work best for them and their students.

If you have a vast catalog of quiz banks in Moodle that you want to import into Canvas, then Classic Quizzes are your best bet for now, as Moodle quiz banks cannot import into New Quizzes at this time. If your imported quiz content from Moodle works as needed as a Classic Quizzes, then leave it as such and have your students take it in that version.

If you need the newer question types which are not available in Classic Quizzes — such as Stimulus, Ordering, or Hot Spot — then you can use New Quizzes. Caveat: You’ll have to rebuild any questions that you had in Classic Quizzes (including any imports from Moodle) to be able to use those within New Quizzes.

Still have questions? Contact your Instructional Technologist for support!